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Commercial Scaffolding Services in Clapham


Are you looking for scaffolding companies in Clapham or the nearby area? We are experienced in managing commercial scaffolding services for a wide-range of projects. Business owners can expect high-quality workmanship from our CITB and CHAS-trained scaffolding erectors, who assemble, inspect and breakdown equipment with minimal disruption to your staff or guests. You can be assured that the scaffolding contractors at Urban Scaffolding are adept at managing any kind of commercial venture.


Types of Commercial Services


• New Build and Development Projects – Whether you’re building a single structure or a new housing estate, scaffolding companies like us provide external and internal scaffolding throughout the stages of your development project. Scaffolding erectors set up frames for builders to construct each level from the outside, to installing new floors, ceilings and walls on the inside. We are on hand to adjust scaffolding services as construction continues, such as changing fully-boarded lift heights with edge protection, handrails, guard rails and ladders


• Restoration Work – We assist Clapham clients with refurbishing deteriorated chimneys, to restoring the architecture at older heritage sites. Our scaffolding contractors work alongside building companies to assemble durable frames, without causing any damage to the property exteriors


• Maintenance Jobs – The scaffolding contractors at Urban Scaffolding provide regular scaffolding services to maintain office and rented properties in Clapham. No matter what size the venue may be, our scaffolding erectors help tradesmen to undertake general repairs, like window washing, painting and decorating duties


Common Scaffolding Frames


1. Supported Scaffolding – Heavy-duty construction and renovations are suited to supported scaffolding services. Scaffolding erectors attach structures to the wall of your Clapham property, as well as the ground for a base support. Scaffolding companies recommend these frames, which are associated with bricklaying and masonry work, due to the maximum loads they support. Supported scaffolding is perfect for new building developments, which transfer stone, brick and concrete materials across the platforms.


2. Suspended Scaffolding – Lightweight commercial restorations and maintenance work can take place at higher storeys with suspended platforms, which are not attached to the ground. Scaffolding contractors suggest these structures during site surveys if there are any immovable objects or hazardous ground conditions.


3. Scaffolding Trestles – Our scaffolding erectors assemble trestles so that Clapham clients can clean or repair their property exteriors with ease. Trestles raise and lower workmen to different heights, which allows roofline components to be fixed, windows to be cleaned and brickwork or cladding to be restored.


4. Hoist Towers – Scaffolding companies predominantly use these for larger-scale commercial projects. The hoist system allows the fast and efficient transport of materials and tools to different storeys at your Clapham venue. This improves communication and saves time too.


To find out more about the commercial scaffolding services we specialise in for clients in Clapham or the nearby area, call 020 8660 4604 or 07710 501 179.