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A Guide for Scaffolding Services in Balham


Before you begin any construction or renovation project at your Balham property, we recommend contacting us to find out how our dedicated scaffolding services will benefit you. Independent scaffolding companies like Urban Scaffolding take time to get to know our domestic and commercial clients. This allows the scaffolding erectors we supply to design and assemble the supporting structures they need.


As part of the dedicated project management service we offer, our scaffolding contractors provide valuable planning advice – from risk assessments to scaffolding designs.


Planning Your Project


Home and business owners in Balham can rely on the expertise of our scaffolding contractors and scaffolding erectors, who are certified by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). With this industry-recognised experience, scaffolding companies advise clients on the ideal type of scaffolding to suit their property, budget and purpose of their project.


During the preparation stage of any building or refurbishment job, scaffolding contractors discuss the following details about bespoke scaffolding services for Balham clients:


1. Initial Quote and Advice – Firstly, scaffolding companies offer free advice and quotes for a variety of scaffolding services. This helps clients to determine a budget, estimate a hire period and understand the scaffolding hire procedure.


2. Site Assessment – Next, we arrange a convenient time to visit your Balham property to carry out a thorough site survey. This includes a risk assessment, which highlights any potential hazards to work around. Uneven or unstable grounds pose a problem, which scaffolding erectors need to be made aware of when setting up scaffolding services.


3. Building Specifications – To help our scaffolding contractors create the perfect design for your specific property, any architectural drawings or blueprints will be useful. Otherwise, the exact measurements we take will be incorporated into the design for scaffolding erectors to assemble.


4. Purpose of the Project – It is beneficial to provide scaffolding companies with plenty of information about the project, such as the type of construction, development, renovation, refurbishment, restoration or maintenance duties involved. The project’s purpose directly affects the type of scaffolding services we offer Balham clients, like single scaffolding for heavy-duty construction, or birdcage scaffolding for re-roofing and repairs.


5. Maximum Capacities – Like the purpose of scaffolding services, the maximum load capacities and number of workmen accessing the scaffolding structure at any one time is important. Scaffolding contractors need to know the weight to offer optimal support, which complies with UK health and safety regulations.


6. Restrictions Affecting Scaffolding Services – Our scaffolding contractors observe any obstacles, such as nearby ground objects, trees, neighbouring properties, public highways and other hazards in the immediate vicinity. This is relayed to our scaffolding erectors to consider during assembly.


7. Other Scaffolding Services – In addition to traditional scaffolding services and structural equipment, scaffolding companies use tin, iron or polythene sheets as temporary roofs to protect Balham properties from the elements. Larger venues benefit from tower frames with hoists, which efficiently transfers materials and tools throughout the site. Extra safety precautions are also met with netting and guard rails.


To schedule an obligation-free consultation with our scaffolding contractors in Balham or the surrounding area, call 020 8660 4604 or 07710 501 179.